What the FAQ?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. Got questions? Chat with us or drop us a message!

General questions

Do you provide support?
Absolutely! Our team can assist you through the entire process! We are always available via email: info@docsrev.io, or you can give us a call at 1 (424) 284-2800!
Can you help assess a portfolio of software apps?

Sure, we would be happy to help! We have done portfolio assessments for Enterprise customers, Systems Integrators and other businesses. You can drop us a message at help@docsrev.io, the Contact Page or use the chat bar on the bottom right to contact us.

What do you need from me to get started?

We assess and model software applications written in over 32 languages. In order to do so, we would need the source code in non-binary form, with includes, header files or copybooks.

For example for COBOL, we would ask you for the COBOL files with extension .cbl, the COPYBOOK files with extension, .cpy, CICS, BMS and/or MFS screens.

Another example, for JAVA we would ask for the Java files or .jars, with includes/header files that are specific to your software application.

We would then model the application, and let you know what is missing or what issues we encounter with the code.

How do you do it? What is the secret sauce?

The short answer is: We use a modeling tool to create a model of your software application.

The longer answer is: We use an OMG (Object Meta Modeling Standard) to model software applications. After we lex and parse your code into our tool, we create an AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) of the software application - a full and complete model of the application, with details down to leaf node - from which we derive a set of UML documentation.

What am I getting?

You can get your full and complete set of Blueprint documentation in two ways.

  1. You securely upload the code, we create the Blueprint and host the Blueprint Documentation on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. You will receive a unique & secure URL with login credentials, and are ready to go. This allows us to refresh or regenerate the blueprint whenever you send us a new baseline, so that you always have an up-to-date set of full and complete documentation for a monthly subscription.
  2. You securely upload the code, we create the Blueprint and deliver the Blueprint Documentation to you. You would be purchasing the Blueprint Documentation outright with a one-time cost.
What are the features of Blueprint Documentation?

Up-to-date documentation of software applications is an essential component to a highly efficient maintenance or development team. DocsRev™ provides constantly up-to-date documentation of your critical software systems. This includes: 

  • Structure & Data Flow​

  • Control Flow & Cause Effect Models​

  • Complexity Analysis​

  • External Interfaces Called​

  • Dead & Redundant Code Analysis​

  • Similar & Identical Code Analysis​

I would like to see something different. Can you adapt the Blueprint Documentation?

Yes! Our documentation is extremely flexible! If you would like change your documentation reach out to us and we can assist you in making your Blueprint as specific to your needs as possible. DocsRev is also updated with new baselines through periodic refreshes.

What is DocsRev?

DocsRev™, powered by TSRIs automated software modeling engine, provides constantly up-to-date documentation of critical software systems written in 30 languages. This documentation allows users with varying experience levels to quickly familiarize themselves with the structure and flow of the application through easily navigable diagrams, hyperlinking code, and other UML artifacts and graphics.

Is my code secure?

Yes! The process is easy and secure. Your source code is documented using secure code handling procedures, at a facility cleared for processing classified code for the US Government. Once your code is completely modeled, the DocsRev blueprint documentation is published on a secure Amazon Web Services instance or on your own AWS instance, and is accessible for all your developers via password protected encryption.

What are my payment options?

Docs Rev is accepted via credit card, automated clearing house (ACH), or purchase order. We accept all major credit cards. Check out our pricing page and get started! 

Why do I need DocsRev?

Poorly or undocumented complex applications, written in hard-to-understand languages, are the largest IT operating expenses for most enterprise organizations. DocsRev’s UML documentation and graphical displays allows your staff to better understand, maintain, and develop critical legacy applications. Gain the insight needed to make the best future business decisions by documenting your existing applications!

What is the process?

The process is easy! Heres out it works:

  1. Visit the AWS marketplace or docsrev.io website 
  2. Enter your login credentials (or register a new account) with MNDA acceptance for code sharing ​
  3. You can securely upload your code via secure web server ​
  4. DocsRev is notified via email of the code upload ​
  5. The code is downloaded by DocsRev, and an email notification is sent to you ​
  6. DocsRev parses your code and a report is sent to you with any missing files and code counts ​
  7. Any missing files are uploaded 
  8. A final report will be sent with an invoice ​
  9. You pay with you prefered method of payment 
  10. DocsRev documentation is generated and uploaded to secure server ​
  11. You will receive a link to your documentation on AWS with credentials ​
  12. You can utilize up to 6 refreshes per year by repeating steps 3 through 8, and 10​